Thursday, February 2, 2012

SubWCRev.exe and its dependencies

Our team is using Subversion as CVS, and thus it's natural to use SubWCRev.exe to retrieve source code version and embed into VersionInfo.cs file, so we can already rebuild the software when we get a bug report.

The problem is when the build process is running on build server, there is no TortoiseSVN installed on the server and I don't want to install it on all the build agents. So I took some time to find out the dlls that SubWCRev.exe depends on, in case I forget it:

# intl3_tsvn32.dll
# libapr_tsvn32.dll
# libaprutil_tsvn32.dll
# libsasl32.dll
# libsvn_tsvn32.dll

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